By TestAccountAlex


Project Timeline:3-4 Weeks

Property Type:Single Family Residence


City, State, Zip Code: Worcester, MA 01545


Need new staircase. Entire existing staircase to be removed and disposed of as part of the scope. Essentially starting from scratch. Will need a new landing as the current stair case does not meet the code requirements. Eventually will be putting a patio at the bottom of the stairs if this plays a role in the landing. Footings will need to be evaluated to ensure code compliance. Provide separate line item price if new footings are required. Looking to slightly increase the landing size as the current landing barely allows you to open the door while on the landing. Permit will be required. Plastic TimberTek Pro or equivalent for treads. Plastic risers - no need for finish trim on the exterior stringers. Will take recommendations on the railing system - thinking plastic to withstand the elements. Assuming some threshold rework will be needed as well. Include removal of screen door and purchase and installation of a new screen door as a separate line item.