MSS Engineering

MSS, ENGINEERING, INC. . . . Provides a broad range of services in the following areas: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Surveying, and Land Use Planning. We are a small firm committed to personalized attention.

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crg architect
Efrain Roman

Calling all horse lovers who are struggling with the monetary problems of horse keeping. Ideas to help horse owners supplement their income, make money from home, and keep your horses.

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Oregon State University Student

Specialization of designs that mesh human devolvement and their surrounding environments in both public and private spaces. Unique custom designs implementing modern technology and sustainable resources while holding aesthetics and functionality at the utmost priority in each creation.

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Rod Terry

Residential & Restaurant design

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You email me the pic, I digitally paint it and email it back. Its that easy! Just check out my web site!

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Broadleaf Architecture
Charles R. Gerke
Clair Co., Inc.
CSE Engineering, Inc.
Henderer Design Build
Ice Corp.
J.D. McGee, Inc.
Marine Taxonomic Services
MSS, Inc.
Neil Richardson Architect LLC

Our mission is to design buildings that bring delight to their owners. Creating spaces that enrich peoples lives, are enjoyable and where people feel comfortable and secure, is what we strive to achieve. We offer design services in three main areas including residential, civic, and commercial. We facilitate the design process by listening to our clients and by developing designs that are refined to best meet and exceed client expectations. Each clients needs are different. Therefore, each design is unique.

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Plantscape Design

As an experienced residential and commercial Landscape Designer, I listen to my clients and provide a creative design they desire. My designs include: * Understanding of plants and garden locations that make plants happy * Elegant curb appeal * Unique water features * Water efficient plants * Back yard oasis! * Attention to drainage and soil conditions in your yard Allow me to recommend quality contractors that can provide great service at a reasonable price.

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