Euro World Design

Leader in Old World Style Home Design. Custom Home Design. Designing homes with the character found in Old World Communities. Drawing libraries of Courtyard Cottages, Timeless Manors, Chateau’s, and Storybook Cottages.

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Global Green Building LLC

We design and build energy efficient homes, off the grid or on the grid. Our project include Tornado and Hurricane resistant construction, super energy efficient construction, Renewable energy and more.

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Insight Design Architects

IDeA was founded to respond to the need to bring relevant architectural thought and consideration to the region. Client consultation and input is central to the architectural process, as it is the performance of the building, adjacencies of the interior, and relationship to the exterior that informs the majority of design decisions. The architectural "style" for each project is not predetermined, rather it is dependent upon the surrounding context, environment, and client preferences. Technical accuracy is

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Keystone Building and Design, LLC

Keystone - The central supporting element of a larger structure, without which the whole structure would collapse. Keystone Building and Design, LLC, was created in 2007, specializing in kitchen & bath remodeling, room additions, and renovations. Our projects have been recognized and awarded for their creative design, scope of work and customer satisfaction. We have been acknowledged for our responsive customer service and our exceptional attention to detail. Keystone Building and Design, LLC, Is dedicat

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Keystone Creative, LLC

In 2007 Keystone Building and Design was created to be the premier Design/Build Remodeler. Focusing beyond the mundane and easy solutions for our clients. Every detail is purposely placed and measured against the other. The size and scope of the project never minimized the zeal for excellence. In 2019 the emphasis has grown to a greater focus on the design and fulfillment of the projects. Our identity has now evolved to Keystone Creative. Continually seeking ways to help clients change the way they live.

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Melissa C Turpin
Tope Insurance Agency, Inc.

Full service insurance brokerage

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