Daniel H. Elder, Land Surveyor

I do almost all facets of land surveying, whether it is a boundary line(s) marked and/or re-established, subdivisions, mortgage surveys, title surveys, topography, etc.. Modern equipment and computer mapping are used to ensure accuracy. I do mostly referral work, which you know means I do things right! Call me today!

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Andrew Chary Architect, PLLC

Heirloom architecture for quality homes your children will pass on to their children. Andrew Chary Architect PLLC creates “Heirloom Architecture;” a living, loving legacy for our clients and their progeny; an enduring gift of sanctuary and replenishment. Our Heirloom Architecture is crafted to seem timeless, wrought by ancestors 100 years in the past, and imbued with thoughtfulness, value, and quality to endure for hundreds of years to come. Our design style is intensely unique to each client, drawing on

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Hall Design Group, LLC

Custom Building & Interior Design

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Informal Collective Architecture PLLC
Janet Mellor Architect

Janet Mellor Architect is a full-service architect, LEED Green Associate, Certified Energy Auditor, and BPI Multi-Family Building Analyst

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