Abacus Construction Services

Licenses: CGC #1529388 PE # 77575 Residential design, stress free. That is our mantra. We dedicate ourselves to the entire process. We are here with you from design and construction to the day you step into your new space. With over 25 years of combined experience, and being a part of over 600 permit approvals, you can rest easy while we make your design dreams reality. We specialize in: New Home Construction Full House Remodeling Shipping Container Homes Airbnb Units and Conversions Kitchen Re

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Artdecord Engineering

Artdecord Engineering's CAD team provides precision paper to CAD conversion and drafting services. We offer a fixed price per sheet regardless of sheet content. Our document conversions include, but are not limited to architectural, engineering, mechanical, civil, machine drawings, historical archives, construction documents, utility plans, site plans, plan maps and almost any other type of document imaginable. All drawings are precision redrafted by hand to create dimensionally accurate, layered, and ready

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Arterbury Architect, Inc.

Arterbury Architect, Inc. transitioned into Design Construction International LLC and provide design, construction, and construction management services. DCI has combined 64 years of professional service in residential, commercial, industrial, retail, educational, and mixed-use project types. We are licensed in Florida and Georgia and provide services state wide. We are centrally located in Orlando. DCI provides pre-design and pre-construction services as well as construction management. We develop construc

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Bill Mageloff Design

Reliable, dependable, professional services for 30 plus years. We specialize in building permits and plans for construction. Good turnaroud time for plans and can recommend contractors. Call today.

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Bryant Organizing Solutions

Are you overwhelmed by the demands that your busy lifestyle has placed on you? Are you struggling to find simplicity and order in your life? Are you spending too much of your valuable time maintaining more than one residence only to return home to more work? Bryant Organizing Solutions can provide you a plan to managing your time so that you can enjoy the things you like doing best. Laurie Bryant will offer a confidential consultation to assess your needs, diagnose problems, set goals and design a plan to

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Consmav Interior Design, LLC

Consmav Interior Design is a locally owned and operated company that values honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. Our dedicated team of professionals have years of hands on experience, to provide innovative ideas and suggestions tailored to your projects. Our services are customized to your individual needs, paying close attention to the details of each project that we are involved with. Please feel free to contact us today!

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Detailed Infaux, Inc.

Joseph F. Russo has over 30 years of construction experience with building materials of all kinds. He has scaled down to create Detailed Infaux to work with artists and fabricators to make the impossible happen when given the right amount time to do so. Detailed Infaux, Inc can design and build architectural details in a variety of styles including Olde World, Neo-Classic, Gothic, and Rich Traditional. Specializing in the stone, wood, iron, and marble, Detailed Infaux, Inc. has the ability to combine natu

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Digital Shop Drawings

Degree in interior design and construction management, with expertise in custom cabinet design. Exceptional knowledge of manufacture techniques and materials.

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Henrich Luke & Swaggerty, LLC

Providing quality surveying services in the Orlando, Florida area for the past six years. Of course, customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

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Kristy Ann Designs, LLC

We are a reputable design company that specializes in a variety of interior design and spatial planning projects. With over 7 years of industry experience, we are able to design any size space to exceed your expectations, always paying close attention to the specific style of each individual or company with whom we work. We look forward to building long-term relationships with our clients, and guarantee your satisfaction. How We Got Started I chose to work in this industry because I lo

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Level Engineering and Inspections

LEVEL Engineering & Inspection At LEVEL Engineering, we are committed to common sense, real-world engineering solutions. We started LEVEL because, after years in the building industry (Civil, Structural, Home Building, etc.) we continued to see something missing in our industry that cost homeowners untold stress and frustration, contractors lost time and money and realtors and lenders left unable to satisfy their client's needs. We decided to do something about it, and then - LEVEL Engineering was

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Michael Petulla - Professional Land Surveyor
Project Engineering

Project Engineering specializes in Commercial and Residential Architectural and Structural Design. Our Chief Architect has over 50 years of experience with a wide range of experience, from impressive high rise buildings to low income residential housing. Project Engineering can also manage your project from start to finish, arrange financing and provide professional reporting on all aspects of construction. Project Engineering believes in a full professional experience from start from finish. We do not s

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H Group Architecture & Planning

Our passion is helping your dreams become a build reality.We enjoy what we do and it shows in our service.Our team has over 40 years of combined experience to put to work for you.We Provide full design services, Permit drawings, Pricing sets & concept design.Small jobs are welcome.There is never a charge for the initial meeting so give us a call and lets get started

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H. Group Architecture & Planning, LLC

Our passion is helping your dreams become a build reality. We enjoy what we do and it shows in our service. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience to put to work for you. We Provide full design services, Permit drawings, Pricing sets & concept design. Small jobs are welcome. There is never a charge for the initial meeting so give us a call and lets get started.

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