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In the realm of home inspections, Allegiant Home Inspection, LLC stands out as a unique blend of professionalism and personal touch. With the esteemed distinction of being both woman and veteran-owned, this organization is a testament to the synergistic blend of diverse leadership and top-tier professionalism. Our roots may be grounded in traditional values, but our approach is contemporary, and our commitment to delivering unmatched quality is unwavering. Every business has its foundation pillars, and for us, it is excellence, integrity, and fairness. We’re not just about ticking boxes or following protocols; we're about adding real, tangible value to our customers. This perspective is precisely why we emphasize personal responsibility, honesty, and fairness. After all, these virtues don't just make us better business people; they make us better human beings. What sets us apart? The answer lies in the depth of our service quality. Our leadership, spearheaded by a dynamic woman professional, carries the weight of over three and a half decades of business excellence. This extensive experience isn't just about mastering the nuances of business operations, but more about harnessing the emotional intelligence required to genuinely understand and cater to our client's needs. By embedding our customer's interests at the heart of our operations, we’ve transformed their concerns into our driving force, making it the bedrock of our business model. Diving deeper into our core team, Tom Lavean, our Chief Inspector, is a name that resonates with expertise. With a rich tapestry of 35 years woven with experiences in engineering, construction, maintenance, and project management, Tom is the embodiment of professional versatility. His journey into home inspections traces back to the mid-1980s when, driven by requests from colleagues, friends, and family, he ventured into this field. His unparalleled acumen in real estate and intricate construction techniques made him the go-to person for inspections. Even as regulatory landscapes evolved and licensing became a prerequisite, Tom's dedication to the domain remained unscathed. Now a licensed expert, he is on a mission, dedicating his vast repository of knowledge to this cause full-time. Reflecting on our origins, the motivation behind Allegiant Home Inspection was simple yet profound. With a treasure trove of experience in engineering, construction, and project management, the desire was to bridge the knowledge gap for new homeowners. We envisioned enlightening them about the residual maintenance nuances that often shift to them post the property's closure. Our formal foray into the industry dates back to 1985, which means we're not just another home inspection company; we’re a legacy. Furthermore, our identity goes beyond business operations. We’re rooted in the community, with active participation in humanitarian efforts, such as volunteering for the Red Cross. Describing our business, in a nutshell, would be to label it as a family-owned and operated entity, but in essence, it is much more. It’s about blending expertise with passion, knowledge with care, and professionalism with a personal touch.


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Services Offered

Home Inspections, Radon Testing, Mold Testing, Roof Inspections, Forensic Engineering

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Single Family Residence, Condo/Apartments, Commercial and Industrial

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