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Hi, my name is Agi Dyer Purse and I own Dyer's Garage Doors. With me is my husband, Bill Purse and our dear dog Blondie. When you call, you'll probably be speaking with Bill or me. We try to keep Blondie off the phones. I bought Valley Garage Doors and created Dyer's Garage Doors in 1992. Valley Garage Doors has been in business since 1969. We strive to do the best work possible and sell the best products made. Long ago we made a business decision not to sell cheap doors or contractor grade openers like most of our competitors do. We only install doors and openers that we would want to have in our homes: that we feel proud of. Our choice of better quality products and expert employees, means a much longer life for your garage door and far fewer hassles and money in the long run. We often hear, that after the untruths and come ons by our competitors, we are often the lowest priced company out there! They lure you in with one price and you walk out paying another. Their employees are paid extra to up charge you. Ours are not and have never been. With them, you, the consumer, wind up paying more and getting less. With us, you know up front what the price will be, before you pay anything. Look at our many happy reviews, they all tell the same story. I strongly believe that an important measure of a company is how well they handle resolving problems when things go wrong. We stick with you until things are worked out right and have a very long history of having done so. Your primary contact in the field will be with one of our employees. Employee relationships are very important to me. Our employees have been with us for years and they are all EMPLOYEES, not hired day labor and not hired, uninsured, unlicensed "sub-contractors". You and they are both protected by worker's compensation insurance which protects you from work related liability. Our least experienced employee has more than 10 years experience in garage doors. No new hires or trainees here. Our employees can thoroughly explain your problem in terms you can understand, from both a language and vocabulary perspective. We have great employees and zero turn over because we treat them well. In turn, they treat us well and we ALL treat you well. No phone trees, no erroneous information. Just solid, hard work done by very qualified people. If you want your experience to be top notch and hassle free, CALL US TODAY!


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