Northern Lights Design & Automation, Inc.

N.L.D. & A., is a full service electrical and lighting design service. We provide detailed electrical plans consisting of lighting specifications, lighting control system design, and schedules.

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Allied Engineering Services Inc

Licensed in 5 states. 5 employees. Billings Phone #: 406.259.0221

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Centre Sky Architecture

Centre Sky Architecture provides expert services to design and realize sustainable mountain homes, resorts, ranches and commercial buildings. We are able to achieve a wide range of looks from modern to classic and rustic designs. Throughout the drafting and construction processes we focus on ecological impact and create structures that are energy efficient and durable. We implement cutting edge technologies to create site-specific buildings that incorporate all the features our clients require and give them

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Gilley & Gilley Architects, Ltd.

I believe that working with the right architect will save you time and money by getting you into your new home or business faster. I have over 20 years of experience in new construction and remodeling in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and restaurant sectors in both urban and rural settings. When you're making what may be the biggest investment of your life, you need a professional on your side with experience, technical knowledge, and a positive, reassuring presence to be your guide and advocate

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Licensed full service architecture firm. LEED AP


Ploughshare Design + Build

We craft homes that help you and your family take root in Bozeman. From design, to construction, to handing you the keys, we're with you every step of the way.

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Sam Rodell Architects

Full service, award winning architectural firm with over 30 years of experience. Experts in high performance building and passivhaus design.

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High quality, local design/ build general contractor. Offering 18 years of experience in both commercial, and high end residential projects.

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structural/geotechnical Engineer

Structural engineer with 15+ years of experience on structural and soil engineering (Geotechnical Engineering) issues including analyzing residential, commercial, industrial, and medical facilities structural systems (steel, concrete and wood systems), Structural repair of existing structures, Seismic retrofitting and repair, Retaining walls, earth support system, and foundation design, Soil consultation, Inspection of structure and foundation system

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