Realsearch of Texas, LLC

Realsearch of Texas, LLC is a full-service surveying company, which accommodates both residential and commercial properties. With over 21 years of experience, no job is outside our skill set. We will work anywhere in the state of Texas to help you with your property surveying needs. Please give us a call today, we look forward to working with you

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Ilse Aldaz

Independent architectural drafter servicing the DFW area for over 3 years. Experienced in residential new construction, additions/extension, remodels and commercial additions/extension and remodels.

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The Garden Whisperer
Bernardo Pozas Residential Design

Our drive is fueled by the fulfilling of real human needs, and never by the creation of iconic architects. We strongly believe that the spirit of architecture is that of elevating human existence. We currently do work in Texas, California and México. Most of our work is residential but we also offer commercial architecture.

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Childress Engineers
DoubleRock homes
Engineering & Inspection Services LLC
Hulsey Engineering
Robert Durham Architect