Decorating Den Interiors
William Britt

After 20 years as a residential carpenter, working in Northern California, I returned to college and earned a degree in architecture. I completed my internship designing big box stores. with tenant improvements banking, fast food, pharmacy, hair and nail salons and automotive repair. After completing my internship I was employed by an ADA consulting firm and a home designer. Currently, I work as a plans examiner for Calaveras County. I feel, I'm an expert in home design and operate a small, one person busin

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Ballowe Design

Specializing in Fine Estate Homes, Residential Building Design, Remodeling Design,

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Canavan Woodworks
Craig F Threshie, Architect

Creating exceptional custom home environments through my designs, for and with my clients, whether in new construction or through remodel/addition, is my passion and has been since I began my design career over four decades ago as a teenager. I work directly and personally with you so that I succeed in creating the best full home environment for you, supporting and celebrating your lifestyle, melding with and beautifying your homesite, and making a place where you can be truly happy to be home, within a bud

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Farcorp is a residential design firm that has been in business for over 19 years. We specialize in the design of energy efficient & green constructed homes. We also design in-law quarters, garages, decks, barns, etc.

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Grover Architectural

Sustainable Design and Building Green: This process gives us the opportunity to more efficiently use our natural resources while at the same time creating healthier buildings and outdoor spaces to live, work, and play in. It provides for cost savings through improved human health and productivity, lower cost of building operations and maintenance. It plays an important role in moving us forward to a sustainable future. Sustainable Design/Build Advantages: Integrated Product Delivery: This enables our

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High Point Design Group Inc.

Dream. Design. Discover. High Point Design Group, Inc. is a leading local architectural design firm in the Tuolumne County and Calaveras County areas. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you design your dream home!

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Jen Owen Design

Jen Owen Design is an artisan design firm located in the beautiful California Foothills. We specialize in special. Our services include conceptual designs in a 3D model for new construction, additions, remodels and interior design. We are also capable of working documents for permit. Every view should be a vignette worthy of a frame.

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